Trinity Prayer Diary


Prayer Diary for November 2017 helping us focus on the needs of our Church and community.

God of love, we pray for this church where your love has been known for many years. We pray that we will welcome everyone in Jesus' name and that, as your love pours in, it will overfolw to our neighbours. May each person come to know that they are loved by you and to love you in return. May all grow in faith as we learn and pray together, and may our faith be seen in action. Amen.

Vision Team, Lindley Methodist Church, Huddersfield

Please pray for:

  • Those of our congregation whose name begins with T/U.
  • Mission in Britain Fund

Teams at Trinity – in particular:

  • Toddlers - led by Karen Purton
  • Ali Stokes in the church office

Preachers at Trinity this month:

  • Nigel Bibbings
  • Ken Harris
  • Seung-Wook Jung
  • Karen Noble
  • Roger Owers
  • Phil & Cilla Wagner
  • Leadership Team
  • Early Church Leaders

Our local neighbourhood:

  • Pulford VA C of E Lower School

What’s happening this month:

  • 1 Nov – Seung-Wook and family move into the new manse
  • 2 Nov Church Council
  • 8 Nov – LL Churches Together AGM
  • 12 Nov – Revelation at The Olive Tree