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We have been making a particular effort  to be "Green" at Trinity for more than 12 years now, at first as part of the EcoCongregation initiative and more recently as part of Eco-church. This video, which was produced for the LL Churches Eco Conference in October 2020, shows some of the things we did to achieve the Eco Congregation Gold Award and more recently, the Bronze Eco Church Award.
Since achieving the Eco-church Bronze Award, good progress has been made towards getting the Silver. One outstanding challenge is the church garden, which has become very overgrown. Plans are being developed to restore it and, perhaps, turn it into a resource for teaching about caring for the environment.
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Working with the homeless and the Community Foodbank

Leighton Linslade Homeless Service (LLHS) has been an important presence in the town for many years and in 2013 we at Trinity began to work in partnership with them, by providing a hot meal and fellowship at a Drop-In on one night a week on church premises.
Up until the beginning of the first Lock-down in March 2020, LLHS were running a Night Shelter for Rough Sleepers at Black Horse House (BHH) in North Street. But when it was necessary for numbers of guests there to be limited and for them to live on the premises in order to meet Government Guidelines, the Shelter converted to a hostel, focussing on helping a small number of residents to re-build their lives. At the same time the Trinity Drop-In had to be suspended, along with other activities on the premises.

A government-funded Covid initiative has meant that accommodation is currently made available for all rough sleepers by local authorities and LLHS has been able to close-down BHH Hostel, temporarily at least. The position will be reviewed when the government funding ends in 2022.  



LLHS has run a Community Foodbank since 2012 and is continuing to do so, working from the basement of BHH with additional storage elsewhere.  Volunteers from several local churches, including Trinity, help by collecting donations from supermarkets, making up food bags and delivering to needy people. Some of the bags go direct to local households, others are distributed via schools and social services but all are supplied in response to a referral from one of the organisations that engage with and support the recipients.
Until further notice, for information relating to the Foodbank call BHH on 07842 122429 or 01525 373628. 



Rough Sleepers and other Homeless People

Information about the work going on at BHH is available on their web site; but this is not a point of contact for services for homeless people or rough sleepers.
In response to the Covid 19 crisis Central Beds Council (CBC) expanded and developed their services to include a Rough Sleeper Outreach Service provided by NOAH Enterprise. Anyone sleeping rough or at risk of sleeping rough should be referred to CBC on 0300 300 4370 or direct to NOAH Enterprise at


Leighton Linslade Helpers

Leighton Linslade Helpers provide a range of services, from food parcels, prescription deliveries, welfare checks, counselling and listening, free-cycling, personal shopping, to many other ways of supporting families, the elderly and the isolated. Set up during covid Leighton Linslade Helpers has now become a permenant fixture and helps out people in Leighton Linslade and the surround areas.
If you need help there is no need to go through other agencies as there is a self-referral form which you can complete, for yourself, a family member, friend or if you have a neighbour in need.
or email us on  
or call us on 07517 851 382 to speak to our team of duty officers any time



The newsletter of Joint Public Issues Team December 2021

The newsletter of Joint Public Issues Team
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Newsletter 135        December 2021
Dear Friends

This is the last JPIT newsletter of 2021. It’s been a big year, with lots of highs and lows. We’ve seen circumstances arose and new policies introduced which are at odds with our hopes for society. We’ve not always seen the progress that we need on key issues, such as the climate crisis. But we have seen people come together in their thousands to show that they support climate justice, welcoming refugees and a fairer welfare system. You have been amongst them, and our hope has been strengthened by seeing you all there.

As 2021 comes to an end, we’re facing the new year with as much clarity as the last. However, we do know that God remains with us in the challenges, and continues to be our source of hope for justice and peace. We hope that you all have a peaceful, safe and joyful Christmas.

Every Blessing

Hannah & the JPIT staff

Nationality and Borders Bill

Last week, the Nationality and Borders Bill passed through the House of Commons. We were grateful that so many of you took the time to #ShowYourHeart by sending us your selfies on social media.

There’s still so much in the bill that opposes our hope of a society which welcomes the stranger. This week, Hannah and Simeon sat down to chat for 10 minutes about the bill, and how we can be working for change whilst it’s in the House of Lords.
Click here to listen to "10 minutes on the Nationality and Borders Bill"

The last month has been overshadowed by the death of 27 people crossing the channel to seek asylum in the UK. Like many others we were devastated. Steve and Dave recorded their responses in another episode of '10 minutes on...' Click here to listen.
Last week, the government reached a conclusion in their review of the call to Lift The Ban on the right of asylum seekers to work. Unfortunately, they have made no changes, ignoring the benefits and social consensus about granting asylum seekers the right to work. We are saddened by this decision, but will continue to call for change.  
Click here to find out more about Lift The Ban

One month on from COP26 ... what happened?

It’s been one month since COP26 took place in Glasgow. How successful was it? Whilst there was some progress at the conference, there’s still much more to be done.

Read Steve’s blog to find out what happened, and where we go from here. 
Click here to read Steve's blog
Take Action

We still need to ensure that the hope of limiting global warming to 1.5° is kept alive. Could you send a Christmas card to Boris Johnson, to tell him that when it comes to climate change, the proof is in the pudding?
Send a Christmas card to the PM
Did you take part in a Climate Sunday?

Join the webinar on 20 January to find out what’s next after COP26, and the next steps you could take to keep up your commitments to creation.
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JPIT's Review of 2021

2021 has been a year of up and downs - so what have been our sparks of joy? The JPIT staff have written up some of their favourites from this year. We hope you have some fun reading about our favourite books, podcast, places, headlines and campaigns!
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Is politics inevitable? - Faith in Politics with Gareth McNab

In the December episode, Ryan and Beth talk to Gareth from Christians Against Poverty. Hear their reflections on why we should care about eradicating poverty, the reality of life on a low income and why structural change is crucial to seeing an end to UK poverty.

Listen to the latest episode here


“Christians should be very clear – even from our own history – that popularity is no justification for harmful policy.”

In his latest blog, Paul explores 'performative cruelty' in policy creation, and how it has played a role in immigration and welfare policy.

Click here to read Paul's blog on performative cruelty.
“But for millions of families with low incomes, the cost of presents, Christmas food and heating the house over winter are going to be a significant expense on top of normal daily living costs”

In the face of this widespread need, what are the challenges faced by people on low incomes, how does the system needs to change, and how might we best measure poverty?

Click here to read Beth's blog on measures of poverty.

Politics in the Pulpit will return in the New Year!

Our weekly podcast Politics in the Pulpit is on a festive break at the moment. We’re really excited to return in January with our new host, Revd Raj Patta! Raj current serves as a minister of the Methodist Church, in the United Stockport Circuit.

Want to get to know Raj? Listen to the last episode of the season, for 28 November, where outgoing host David Mayne chats with Raj about refugees, Advent, hope and more.
Click here to listen to the last episode of the season

Public Issues Calendar 2022

Don’t forget that our Public Issues Calendar is now available for 2022. This is a great tool for church newsletters, notice boards and preaching plans.
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