Week 3: Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law 

Theme Song
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Key Thought
Jesus is powerful and he is interested in ordinary families.
Oh hello! It’s me again, Peter.
Can you remember the memory verse from two weeks ago? Well when I look back on it, there was one special day that really helped me to understand who Jesus was and is. peter mother 2
That day, I was out with Jesus, when suddenly I got this urgent message – ‘Come home now!’ I left Jesus and the other disciples, and ran home as quickly as I could. When I got home, my wife was in tears. I had to calm her down. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked.
She said, ‘It’s Mum!’ I dashed into the bedroom, and there on the bed was my wife’s mum. She looked terrible. I went closer – she was very, very hot and in a lot of pain. I knew what to do immediately. I sprinted out of the house and back to Jesus. I said to him, ‘Lord, please come back to my house. My mother-in-law is dying. Please help.’ Jesus came back with me, and I took him into the bedroom.
Jesus spoke gently to Mum, and then did something I wasn’t expecting. In a loud voice, he said, ‘Fever, I command you to go!’ Immediately, the fever left my mother-in-law. She was healed. She got up and went to put the kettle on. It was amazing! Then it struck me – Jesus really cared about my family. I hadn’t thought about it before!
Everyone was amazed at what happened, and they told their friends. In fact the news of what Jesus did spread really quickly. By the time evening came, loads of people had brought their poorly and sick friends around to my house to see Jesus. Jesus spoke to each one in turn, and then healed them of broken arms and legs, cuts and bruises, headaches, skin problems, fevers, internal problems, even the blind and those who couldn’t work… everyone got healed!
The day that Jesus came round to my house was a special day, made special by Jesus, the Son of God. The other thing I quickly realised was that whenever I needed help, Jesus would always be there! Even when there was trouble at home with my family!
Gotta go… Bye!
This is a very short story in the bible, but if you want to read it you will find it in Matthew 8:14-15.
This story tells us two things:

  1. Jesus is someone very special. Peter saw Jesus do some amazing things. He once told a storm to stop, and it did. He once fed 5000 men and their families with one packed lunch. He healed a man who was totally blind and he even brought a little girl back to life! On the day Jesus went to Peter’s house loads of people came to him who were sick. Only Jesus had the power to heal everyone. Peter knew that whenever he needed help, Jesus was there for him. The same is true today. Peter saw how powerful Jesus was and gradually came to understand that Jesus was God living as a human being.
  2. Although Jesus is so amazing and powerful, he still cares for ordinary families. He came to Peter’s house and healed his mother-in-law. Jesus cared for and loved everyone he met. Jesus is now alive in heaven, and he knows all about us and loves us, and that goes for everyone in our families – which is great!

Memory Verse
With only a word Jesus forced out the evil spirits and healed everyone who was sick.
Matthew 8:16
You will need: a piece of paper with a large heart drawn on it, plasters heart plasters
Talk about someone you know who is not feeling very well. Encourage them that Jesus is alive and with us, even though we cannot see him. Peter told Jesus about his poorly mother-in-law – we can also tell Jesus about someone we know who is sick. We can ask Jesus to make them better. Write the name (or a drawing) of the sick person they want to pray for on the plaster. Stick the plasters onto the heart and put the heart up somewhere e.g. on the fridge or a kitchen cupboard to remind you of all the people.
Craft/Activity Idea
Why not have a go at making a get well soon card for someone you know who is poorly? Jesus healed people in many ways, some he touched and others he didn’t even have to see. If you’re feeling poorly what do you do? Go and see the doctor or nurse? Why not play doctors and nurses with your friends, family or even your teddies?

get well soon

doctor kit

(Seaside Rock by Dave Godfrey, 2003, Scripture Union)