Week 1: Peter, the Rock

Theme Song
Copy and paste this into the address bar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2mmbSHQytA

Key Thought
Jesus loves everyone, even the tough people like Peter!
The story is told by a man named Peter:peter
Oh, hello. My name’s Simon. Or Peter. Actually, I’ve got two names. When I was a child, I only had one – Simon. And even when I had grown up and started to work as a fisherman, everyone called me Simon.
The first person to call me Peter was Jesus. It all started one exciting day when Jesus sat down in my boat. On that particular day, there was loads of people standing on the beach waning to hear him speak. There were so many that Jesus got into my boat and used it like a stage. He started talking to everyone. When he’s finished telling us the most amazing things about God, Jesus turned to me and said, ‘Simon, take your boat out into the lake and let down your nets.’ Well, we usually fished at night because that’s when it’s easiest to catch fish, but I did what he said. We rowed out into the lake and let down our nets. The funny thing was that the night before we’d caught absolutely nothing! Then suddenly – an amazing thing happened. Our nets were bursting with tons of fish. I fell on my knees before him. Who was this man? Jesus whispered to me ‘Simon, follow me’, so I did.
While I was travelling with him, I saw Jesus do loads of amazing things, like control the weather, bring dead people back to life and heal the sick.
Then came the day when Jesus changed my name. He asked me and the rest of his disciples, ‘Who do people think I am?’ So we told him that some people had strange ideas about him.
Then Jesus asked us, ‘Who do you think I am?’ Well, I knew, so I told him.
‘Lord, you’re the Messiah, the Son of the living God!’ And do you know what he did – he smiled, ‘cos I’d got it right! Then he changed my name to Peter, which means ‘Rock’. Jesus said that believing he was the Son of God is very important… like having a massive rock that you can build your house on. He said he was going to build his group of followers on what I believed! Anyway, even though the rest of the lads realised it was an important name, they used to tease me a bit and call me Rocky…
See you next week!

To read this story in the bible you will find it in two parts. Firstly, Luke 5:1-11 which is Jesus calling Peter to follow him and then secondly, the changing of Peter’s name which is in Matthew 16:13-20.
  1. Firstly, the name his parents gave him was Simon. Simon was an ordinary man, just like you or me. He was a fisherman, who sometimes got really angry and sometimes said things he shouldn’t have. Do you ever get angry or say things you shouldn’t? That day, when Jesus stood in his boat, Simon decided to follow Jesus. I wonder if you’ve ever thought about following Jesus or if you already do, how can you do it more?
  2. Peter told us that Jesus changed his name. Jesus gave him a new name, a nickname if you like because of what he believed. Peter believed that Jesus was the Son of God. Jesus was God living as a man! What Peter said must have been very important to Jesus. I wonder what you believe about Jesus? Over the rest of the summer, we’re going to find out why Peter believed that Jesus was the Son of God!
Memory verse
Simon Peter spoke up, ‘You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God!’
Matthew 16:16
God hears all our prayers, even lots at the same time. Try reading this prayer together as a family and all say your name at the same time.
Dear Lord,
It’s (name) here.
Thank you that we could learn about Simon Peter today.
Thank you for the summer holidays when I can have fun with my family and friends.
Help us to follow you.

Craft/Activity Idea
Why not have a go at fishing ducks out of the bath or have a go with a magnetic fishing game? You can make your own fishing game with paperclips on the end of paper fish and attaching a magnet to a string and stick rod.


(Seaside Rock by Dave Godfrey, 2003, Scripture Union)