Trinity Prayer Diary


Prayer Diary for September 2017 helping us focus on the needs of our Church and community.

Trinity Prayer
I bind my mind to the mind of the Creator God and I loose from my mind all that offends my God that I may worship completely.
I bind my body to the will of the Saviour Christ and I loose from my body all disease that I may serve freely.
I bind my spirit to the Holy Spirit my helper and I loose from my spirit all that is not of my God that may love joyfully.
Lindisfarne Scriptorium

Please pray for:
  • Those of our congregation/church whose name begins with O/P/Q.
  • World Vision

Teams at Trinity - in particular:
  • Scout Groups led by Judy Whyman-Bates
  • Girls Brigade leb by Marilyn Powell

Preachers at Trinity this month:
  • Elisabeth Bibbings
  • Nigel Bibbings
  • Wallace Edwards
  • Joan Gregory
  • Seung-Wook Jung
  • Eric Mustapha
  • TIna Salmon
  • Donald & Sarina Wray
  • Early Church Leaders

Our local neighbourhood:
  • Schools - Mary Bassett Lower and St. Georger's Lower

What's happening in the circuit:
  • Welcome to Seung-Wook Jung and Eric Mustapha on 4th September at The Square, Dunstable
  • Synod on 16th September at Harlington Upper School